Some Articles on how to buy, hone, use, and maintain

Hollowground Straight Razors

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Internal Articles

  1. Buying a Straight Razor.
  2. Testing for Sharpness.
  3. The Newbie's Guide to Straight Shaving.
  4. The Method, putting it all together.
  5. Finishing or Refreshing an Edge with Lapping Film.
  6. Touching Up your Edge with a Synthetic Stone.
  7. How and Why To Lap Your Stones
  8. Edge Improvement and Maintenance with a Pasted Balsa Strop.
  9. Wedge blades. and how they are different.
  10. Setting The Bevel with the Burr Method.
  11. Setting The Bevel with the HYBRID Burr Method.
  12. Progressive Honing with Lapping Film.
  13. Edge Repair, when knowing how to set the bevel is not enough.
  14. Growley Tries a Jnat
  15. The Bevel Angle, and when to use tape.
  16. Basic Re-Scaling
  17. Some 3D Printed Scales
  18. Basic Gold Dollar Modding
  19. A Typical Modified Gold Dollar
  20. 3D printed scales on a Modified Gold Dollar
  21. Competition
  22. Make a Blade for your old Wedge-Blade Lathercatcher, out of a Gold Dollar

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